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Who is Femina Intrepida? She is not your average traveller. In fact, she may not consider herself a traveller at all. She may be an expat or a third culture kid or someone who occasionally has to go to a particular place to achieve a goal. She is not afraid to go where she needs to go in order to reach her objective. She is not afraid to leave her comfort zone. And, she has skills. She may take these skills for granted, but they are skills that the average woman, living the average life may not have or need. Who are we talking about here and what topics does this site aim to cover? Consider this chart.

Who is Femina Intrepida?

Topics Research Aid and Development Endurance and Adventure Sports Long-term or Remote Travel Living Abroad
Par example -Academics (archaeology, anthropology, linguistics, sociology, biology, etc.)



-Film makers

-Career aid and development workers
-Peace corps




-Medecins Sans Frontieres/ Doctors Without Borders


-Ultramarathoners and multi-terrain event participants

-Mountain climbers/ climbers

-Kayakers/ rafters

-Trekkers/ trampers/ hikers



-Women who travel for sport

-Off the beaten track travellers
-Long term travellers

-Alternative transport travellers (motorcycle, horse, light aircraft, camel, tuk tuk, etc.)

-Women doing long trails (Camino de Santiago de Compostela, Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage, etc.)

-Intrepid couples and families

-Third culture kids/ Adult third culture kids


Common threads Language learning, survival skills, health and well being, staying happy and positive, job seeking, eating well, adjusting to new cultures, ad infinitum.

These sorts of things test women in ways that normal travel does not and Femina Intrepida aims to be a place where skills, ideas, information and camaraderie can be shared.

What Femina Intrepida is not

This site is not about how to look good on the road, where the best cocktail bar in Indonesia is (although we are not averse to good, stiff drink now and then!),  or how to make the best use of a one-year, Round-the-World ticket. There are already some excellent sites on the internet which cover those kinds of things. Femina Intrepida is also not limited to solo women travellers. We recognise that women don’t exist in a vacuum. You may be travelling with someone, working in a group, or trying to keep your kids happy and healthy whilst on a long trek.


What we’d love to know

As the site is very young, please feel free to give feedback about what works and what doesn’t or what you’d like to see here. The aim, after all  is to fill a niche. Tell us what you need and we’ll see if we can go there. And if you’d like to contribute, we are totally open to that! You can get in touch with me on feminaintrepida@gmail.com or via  Twitter.

Many thanks and looking forward to seeing you around,


About the Author

I'm the founder and managing editor of this little project. Thanks for reading.