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Some people think that the current university system is about to be outdated. The idea that we go to the source of information, ie. universities, in order to learn what we need to know in this world is certainly beginning to broaden as information increasingly chases us down at home, in cafes and pretty much anywhere. While I’ve not met many academics who are worried yet, it is nice to know you can log on and learn something chunky without engaging in a full-on univeristy degree. There are numerous institutions offering their own courses, fee-free, on the internet such as the prestigious MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and you can also find specific purpose organisations that provide courses such as the non-profit  Khan Academy. If you still can’t find anything of interest to you, the clearinghouse, Open Culture, with 530 courses from various universities is bound to have something.

Have you completed a free course online? What was your experience like?

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