The Speights Coast to Coast Mountain Race in New Zealand

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The Speights Coast to Coast Mountain Race is one of the highlights of the New Zealand multisport calendar. Anyone over the age of 18 can enter although school groups get in as young as 16 and over. It’s known around the world as fairly grueling (that’s NZ speak for really, really hard) but, hey, you get a cold can of Speights at the end of it and, uh, a T-shirt. So, why not? Actually there is a bit more than that, prize money, medals, etc. But the best part is that at the end you can say that you and your 800 new friends have crossed the entire South Island of New Zealand. Pretty Sweet.

What is it?

A one or two day cycle, run, kayak event that traverses the South Island of New Zealand from Kumara Beach on the Tasman Sea to Sumner Beach on the Pacific Ocean.

What are the events?

One Day Event- Individuals
Two Day Event- Individuals or two-person teams (everyone cycles)

Both contain:

Cycle 140k which is broken into three stages
Run 36k, most of which is a mountain stage through the Southern Alps
Kayak 67k down the Waimakariri River

What are the requirements?

Be fit
Be above the age limit of 18 (16 for school groups)
Have a Grade Two Kayaking Certificate

When is it?

8&9 Feb 2013
14&15 Feb 2014
13&14 Feb 2015
12&13 Feb 2016
10&11 Feb 2017
9&10 Feb 2018
8&9 Feb 2019
14&15 Feb 2020

Great! Where do I sign up?

The earlier you are the better as spaces fill up. You can apply by paper or online here.

And there’s just one last requirement. If you do it, send us some photos! We’d love to interview a woman who has done this.


-Images used with permission from the Speights Coast to Coast website

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