We are looking for contributors.

Our readers want to hear your stories about working in the field, running up that mountain, building that school, using that home-made ultralight camping stove, or whatever else you have to say. Have a look at our topic list on the about page and see if you can help us fill in some details with your personal experience. It’s all well and good knowing the facts, but we want to know what it was really like!

One of the aims of Femina Intrepida is to inspire and give ideas to women who’d like to get ‘out there’ but have yet to decide their path. So, not only do we want your wonderful stories, we’d also like to hear from people doing interesting things who wouldn’t mind being interviewed about what they do.

Can we pay you? Well…no, sorry. We really, really, really wish that we could. But, as you know, this site is new and is being run on love and chocolate rather than money. So, until we take off, we can’t really think about paying our contributors. That doesn’t mean we don’t respect your work. No, not at all! We will happily pay you in copious amounts of link love. The expression is, “Linky, linky, catchee monkey”, is it not? Not that we are suggesting anyone here is a monkey (oh dear!). You can shoot me an email on


A note to advertisers

It is not our intention to make our members wade through a bunch of advertising to get to what they need in this network, however, our future plans are to have a separate page for advertising products and affiliate sales that could be of benefit to our readers. We believe this is a good compromise as we want to grow the site, help our members and offer useful items from sound companies all at the same time. If this view suits the ethos of your company, please drop us an email on


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