Three, Pretty Spesh, Trail Mix Recipes

Blueberry pie scroggin

I love making up my own trail mix or gorp*, as North Americans call it or scroggin, as we call it here in New Zealand. You can get all the good stuff you like without all the bits you tend to pick out and it’s cheap. Obviously nobody really needs a recipe for this, but I thought these might just give you some ideas. You can choose to use raw or roasted nuts depending on your preference and even add a pinch of salt if you so desire.

Blueberry Pie

1 part dried blueberries

1/2 part dried cranberries (these are to shave the sweetness off the blueberries)

1-2 parts slivered almonds or cashews

1/2 part desiccated or shredded coconut (bigger pieces make it less messy for eating on the go)


Hunza Delight

Well, OK, they probably don’t eat much chocolate in the Hunza Valley, but the apricots gave me the name.

1 part dried apricots-chopped into quarters

1 part almonds

1/2 part chocolate chips



Equal parts of:

dried cherries

dried cranberries



Pumpkin seeds (pepitas)

chocolate chips


What’s your favourite mix or what else do you eat when you need energy on the run?


*Technically gorp stands for “good old raisins and peanuts” but you get the picture.

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